Veterinary Dental Services, LLC

A cavity … an abscess … a cracked tooth. Everyone needs a qualified dentist … even a pet!

Veterinary Dental Services, LLC in Acton, MA, opened in 1999 to provide state-of-the-art dentistry and oral surgery for pets in New England. Board certified veterinary dentist Bonnie Shope, VMD worked at the practice part time until she bought the practice in 2009. At the time, she had three employees in a 750 square foot office. One year later, she expanded the practice to 1,500 square feet. She also started a residency program to train future veterinary dentists. This program is approved by the American Veterinary Dental College.

Significant Growth … Increased Capacity
Bonnie Shope, VMD is one of only a handful of Board Certified veterinary dentists in New England according to the American Veterinary Dental College. Across the United States, there are about 100 veterinary dentists.

The services of Veterinary Dental Services include periodontics (cleaning and scaling, periodontal regenerative surgery), exodontics (tooth extractions), endodontics (root canals), prosthodontics/restorative (crowns and fillings), orthodontics (providing a comfortable bite for humane, not cosmetic, reasons, as well as oral surgery (tumor removal and fracture repair).

According to Dr. Shope, “We pride ourselves on educating pet owners about dental care and disease prevention. We work closely with our clients, their pets and the primary care veterinarian for the best outcomes. Our dental office is equipped similarly to a human dental office. We have digital dental radiography and computerized dental charting software for dogs and cats. Since most animal dental patients are treated under general anesthesia, we pay special attention to our anesthetic protocols, and customize anesthesia to the needs of the pet. Our veterinary dentists are capable general practitioners who have chosen to specialize in dentistry and oral surgery.”  In addition to Dr. Shope, the practice employs two additional veterinarians.

More than Just Accounting
Dr. Shope first read veterinary accounting articles by Gary I. Glassman, CPA, partner at Burzenski & Company, PC, in the mid-1990s. Years later he would serve as her advisor on the purchase of the practice.

“Gary has extensive industry knowledge,” says Dr. Shope. “He has been a great sounding board when I need to make a decision that affects the practice and my employees. With the initial purchase, he helped me to evaluate the numbers of the practice to see what I could and should do. He has also guided me in terms of salary for both me and my employees.

“His experience of what practices and the industry are doing is priceless. He has benchmarks for other vet practices and he has been instrumental in helping me set prices and to know when to raise prices.

“Gary and his team, particularly Melody Mann Fox, Linda Altieri and Carlos Briceno have been remarkable. I feel like I have a whole team working for us. Burzenski & Company does not simply provide accounting services. For example, when Gary comes for his annual on-site visit he offers input on things such as signage, marketing, inventory management, and even our website. He gives me advice from a business perspective, not just an accounting one. The Burzenski team has also helped me figure out retirement strategies for me and my employees and helped set up a retirement plan.

Now that Dr. Shope is considering the purchase of a new building, Gary has been offering advice. She says, “He’s helping me understand what I can afford and putting me in touch with lenders who specialize in veterinary practices.”

According to Dr. Shope, working with Burzenski & Company remotely has never been an issue. Between email and phone calls as well as on–site visits communication has always been flawless between the two offices. The distance only shows on a map.  In reality, it is irrelevant.

The Burzenski Difference
“As veterinarians we sometimes feel that our love for animals should be rendered at no cost, particularly when a client is unable to pay for the services given to their pet. Gary has given me the confidence to charge for my services. He has also helped me to understand that my employees deserve fair salaries, raises and benefits … and for me as a practice owner too. We often need that backup that we’re not bad people for charging our clients for our professional services.

“Being under the Burzenski umbrella for the past five years has been amazing! Not only does the whole team take remarkable care of my practice on tax related matters, but they guide me on so many other business related issues. They always seem to have my back, yet their eyes are also on the future. In a world and industry that has so many changes, it’s reassuring that the exceptional service from the Burzenski team has remained the same.”

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