"I have been very pleased with Burzenski and the support they provide my practice. In addition to being very through and detailed Gary Glassman has offered many innovative ideas I would not had otherwise thought of. They offer insight that no other CPA office I am aware of could offer.  My practice is more successful because of Burzenski."

Kent J., DVM
Legacy Veterinary Hospital
Frisco, TX

"Burzenski & Company is very professional and responsive. We’ve been with them for 15 years. Gary Glassman is well respected and has a good reputation when it comes to the veterinarian industry. We can talk to him and his team about anything that’s going on and get information that’s specific to us.  It makes all the difference in the world. I have a great amount of faith in the work they do.  They are a very solid accounting firm who has the answers."


Ken A.
Hospital Administrator
Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine

North Haven, CT 

"I was not satisfied with my previous CPA.  I met Gary 13 years ago, and have not regretted picking the firm for one minute. They go above and beyond the accounting services. Gary Glassman is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the veterinarian industry. He has also helped me save a lot of money, is well versed and has good ideas that have helped my practice. These ideas have brought an increase in sales. The entire firm is quick to respond and is very helpful. They always provide great advice and spectacular service."


Robert H., VMD
Meriden Veterinary Associates
Meriden, CT 



"Burzenski and Company does what we need and gives us guidance in the veterinarian world.  They provide excellent information and while they may not be the least expensive, they are well worth it.  They are very accessible by phone and email.  Not having our CPA very close to our office has been fine. We make up for the distance between our office and theirs. Today’s technology allows us to not have to meet face to face."


David C., DVM
Liverpool Animal Health Center
Liverpool, NY



"As veterinary and shelter architects it is important for us to know how much you have to spend on a project and how you want to spend it.  For example, would your dollars be better spent on larger spaces or more medical equipment? We do our best work when we are given specific parameters to meet our clients' goals and needs.  That's where good financial management comes in, and Gary Glassman from Burzenski & Company."


I honestly cannot remember when we first started working with Gary Glassman on projects.  I believe he was the accountant for a number of our clients before we knew him personally.  Even if he was not directly visible to us, we felt his presence. 


The moral of the story:  everyone needs good advice.  Gary Glassman has in-depth knowledge of what veterinarians can afford and should budget for when it comes time to build a new project.  He also has the ability to look beyond the obvious."


Animal Arts
Boulder, CO



"Over the years, Gary Glassman has been instrumental in helping his clients and ours develop answers to what defines their practices and the facilities where they practice.  We know that some of our most successful clients are those who took advantage of his expertise."


Animal Arts
Boulder, CO



"I like the business management and consulting expertise of Burzenski and Company. We have regular phone conversations on business and financial performance. That’s where I find additional value. Gary knows the industry and he looks to really help develop the business and the profitability of the business. He visits our office about once a year and it’s nice to see him face to face. We do a lot of our work over the phone, electronic filing and everyone is online or faxed. Distance has never been an issue. We get our work done without seeing one another all the time."


Tom Phillips
Nassau Veterinary Hospital
Nassau, NY




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