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As a child growing up in the Houston suburb of Clear Lake, Leanne Parker, DVM, absorbed a strong sense of love and compassion for animals from her family. When her family’s dachshund became ill, she was genuinely upset. “He had several serious illnesses and back surgeries,” she said. “It was very scary for me, and the helplessness made it worse. Seeing the impact a veterinarian could have not only for an animal but the family as well was monumental to me. I knew becoming a veterinarian was only a matter of time.”


Within two years after graduating from Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine, she and her husband, Owen, relocated to Austin due to a transfer by his firm. But, what started off as a simple career move for Owen, turned into a life-changing move for both.


Soon after arriving in Austin, Dr. Parker started work as a relief veterinarian for AM/PM Animal Hospital, and later that year became an associate with the practice.


Thoughts of owning a practice accelerated over the next six years. In 2002, Dr. Parker bought AM/PM Animal Hospital and Owen came on board as the hospital’s director of operations. “Buying AM/PM is one of my life’s proudest accomplishments. I handle the medical aspects of the practice and Owen oversees the business side. Over the past 12 years, we’ve worked extremely hard to grow the practice to six veterinarians and support staff.”


In October 2001, shortly before purchasing the practice, Owen and Dr. Parker attended a continuing education seminar in Reno, NV. Says Owen, “My wife was getting ready to buy a practice and I needed to get ready too. I attended a practice management seminar led by Gary Glassman. He provided good information. Following the seminar, I did additional research about Gary to determine whether he was the right guy for us. My suspicions were confirmed. Not only was Gary one of the best speakers on managing veterinary practices in the country, but I knew that we should talk to Burzenski & Company should we actually purchase the practice.”


About a year later, the partnership would begin.


AM/PM Animal Hospital Dr Leanne Parker“We purchased AM/PM Animal Hospital on July 10, 2002,” says Owen. “On July 11, 2002, I called Gary to become our accounting and financial consulting firm. I got a tremendous amount of information from him at that time … and over the years. He speaks more on a non-accounting level. He could actually write a veterinary practice management book for dummies. His advice is clear and concise. I certainly didn’t know much about running a veterinary practice in the beginning. I was a sales engineer by trade for years. But with Gary on board came Melody Mann Fox too, and she too has been a Godsend.”


“In the past 12 years the practice has grown more than 300 percent. In the first year, we grew almost 100 percent. I attribute our success in large part to the practice management component and accounting of Melody. The Burzenski & Company veterinary team were instrumental in helping us arrive at a fee structure, mark ups, hiring, administrative, accounting and most recently, bookkeeping services.”


He continues, “Gary has helped us understand mark ups. The Burzenski team guided us on national trends and doing that helped me. It gave me a blueprint to move the practice forward. On the personnel side, Burzenski & Company has also helped us find the best ways to retain good employees and provide employee benefits comparable to our competitors.”


AM/PM Animal Hospital incorporates state-of-the-art technology, exam rooms, diagnostics, laboratory and other medical services to provide pets the best care possible 24/7/365 days a year. AM/PM offers pet wellness, health care, diagnostic and surgical services, senior/geriatric care, allergy care, micro chipping, pet dental care, boarding, emergency care as well as other client services including nutrition, prescription diets and euthanasia.


Continues Owen, “Part of our commitment to providing quality care is that we are also diligent about promoting education and responsible pet ownership. That same level of commitment is passed along from Dr. Parker to our other practitioners. She doesn’t tell others in our office how to practice medicine, but she does set up protocols and guidelines for these practitioners based on her own experiences and their input/experiences as well. It is our goal not just to ensure the health and well-being of pets but to be a partner in strengthening the bond a family shares with their companion.


“I use Melody, Gary and the rest of the veterinary management team at Burzenski & Company as a consulting firm,” says Owen. “If they tell me that X employer charges B for C or to charge X for Y, well that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. That’s up to me – it’s my decision. But the track record at Burzenski & Company proves what they say works. Their numbers don’t lie. I truly believe that if you don’t look at your numbers, you’re doing yourself and your practice a disservice.”


The 1,900 miles between AM/PM’s Austin, Texas location and Burzenski and Company’s East Haven, Connecticut office is insignificant to the Parkers. “Technology makes the geographic issue moot,” says Owen. “Years ago I would send information to Melody via FedEx or UPS. Unless you need a face-to-face meeting for your own edification, there is no need for it. There is absolutely no reason for me to travel to Connecticut. The staff are very accessible by phone and email… and the Client Portal makes data transfer such an expedient and secure process.”


Concludes Owen, “Not having our accountant close to our office has been fine. The distance between Connecticut and Texas is not an inconvenience, not a hindrance. Rather it is quite positive. If my accountant were local, I’d have to spend the time to drive there in traffic multiple times throughout the year. I’m forced to embrace technology this way (with Burzenski and Company), and it’s great! Gary does periodically visit us. We also now use Right Networks so I don’t have to send backup files to Melody – ever. And we can use QuickBooks in real time, which has also been a tremendous help. Today’s technology allows us to not have to meet face to face. And it continues to be a very positive experience.”


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